On March 1855, the Baptist congregation was formed by Rev. H. T. Chilton, Rev. James Harvey and Rev. Joseph Wrightsman, with a membership of 14. In the fall of 1856 Rev. M. V. Kitzmiller arrived from Tennessee. "I want to live in a town," he said, "where I can rear my family in a free state, where honest labor is not considered degrading." He was called to the pastorate of the Girard Baptist Church and held this position for 32 years, building up a membership of 180. In 1865 the Baptist built the house which they xised until 1902, at which time it was remodeled.

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On Sunday, Nov. 7th, 2010, the congregation of First Baptist Church, Girard, voted to begin raising funds to build a Multi-Purpose Center.  This building project has long been anticipated and planned, and the vote to move forward is an answer to many prayers over the years.  This proposed multi-purpose center will house a basketball court, kitchen and rooms for Bible study.  The congregation plans to raise the necessary funds over the course of the next 3-4 years and begin building within the next five years.  The multi-purpose center will be used by the church to primarily provide ministry to families in the Greater Girard community.  

The congregation of First Baptist Church, Girard, took a special offering on Sunday, November 4th, 2012, for the building of a new multi-purpose center. This offering was called First Fruits, because it was to be similar to the offering that the Israelites gave as recorded in the Old Testament - an offering of sacrifice and praise. Church members prayed and gave sacrificially - a total of $17,000 was given! Almost $70,000 has now been raised for the construction of the center. The congregation continues to trust that God will provide an additional $30,000 in the next year so that church can start the building process in January 2014.

On April 17, 2016 The congregation voted unanimously today to start the construction of the multi-purpose building - work began Monday April 18, 2016. Pray that God will continue to lead and bless.

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